Going for it. Write. Anything. Please. There may be a few swear words in here, because well, no one can hear me.

Holy shit my baby is 6 months tomorrow! I seriously had this vision when he was just weeks old, nursing him continously on the couch watching Netflix and having my husband cook for me, that I needed to start teaching him things or I was going to look down one day and he would be a year old. Well he is halfway there and my God he has taught himself stuff. Not only that he has taught ME stuff.

I decided that it was time for me to start reading…because well Netflix has run out of shows to watch and I feel like I’m just molding myself into this parenting thing day by day and am afraid I will become everything I said I wouldn’t. I already have bought him colorful plastic things to play with. Rule #1, broken. So, reading… I went to the book store and stood in front of the “Parenting” section sipping my coffee and looking hip while my babe slept. So many choices. I became nauseous. Whatever happened to the good old fashion ways of raising a child? There is a fucking name for EVERYTHING! I finally found a book that seemed easy sounding enough. “Baby Knows Best” by Deborah Carlisle Solomon. Thank God someone has finally caught my attention. Let your baby tell you where when and what in a calm and confident way? Yes please. Don’t have to be home every night by 6 because your baby has to sleep? Yes please. Not to mention forcing your child to do things because you think you are the more intelligent one. Let me tell you we are all stupid. Watch “Baby Geniuses” you will understand.

Let me explain my theory. When Noah was 4 months old he had already traveled 16,000 miles. He had a passport. He flew across country at 2 weeks old and went to Ireland and Rome. He did long car trips, met people, and saw the world literally the way it should be seen. Experienced. He slept when he wanted, ate all the fucking time (I nursed him while hiking, shopping, walking around Rome, I even pumped milk like a human cow while driving down the interstate. We will not be stopped. He will know all kinds of different people and experience places and things until we set him free when he is 18- or whenever he decides to set himself free. So long story short I  found a book that basically goes along with everything I have been doing. Perfect. I don’t have to change. Sleep schedule? Fuck that. Sleep when you want wherever we are, whatever we are doing. It works people! I am now declaring that I am letting my baby be a human being and tell me what he needs and allowing myself to guide him the the right direction. If it doesn’t work? Hell, its my first kid. The first one is always the trial run. I was!


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